With Out Operation ! ! ! Cure Piles, Fistula & Fissure

Welcome to Malakar Anorectal clinic

Malakar Anorectal Clinic Trichy is one of the best ano-rectal hospital in the region. Here we have all ano-rectal treatment facility with ultra modern techiniques and kshar sutra therapy.We treating all ano-rectal diseases like piles (hemorrhoids), fissure in ano, fistula in ano,inflammatory bowl disease,pilonidal sinuses,rectal polyps,pruritus ani,perianal abscess and other diseases.This therapy has 0% chance of incontinence (has never happened in the last 25 years of practice. To know the reasons, a detailed history and medical examination is required to be taken by a health expert.

Our Advantages

1. No need of any operation.
2. No need of admission in hospital.
3. 100% cure
4. Ayurvedic Treatment
5. Low Cost

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